Hawkins – Sober – Single Review

Connecticut-based indie-popper’s Hawkins are back with their latest single ‘Sober’ and it’s another toe-tapping tune laser-guided at their followers.  

Hawkins are back with their second single ‘Sober’

If you’ve heard of Hawkins, then you may be ahead of the curve in the UK and we should probably offer you a writing gig. But if you’re American, they’re the new quartet on the scene creating a big noise. 

With over 114,000 streams on Spotify, support act slots for the likes of Suzanne Vega and an irresistibly up-beat sound. It’s easy to see why the noise is building. 

Following on from their debut single ‘Lights Off’, which paved the way for much of the above listed success, comes their new single ‘Sober‘. 

Another shimmering slice of summery upbeat indie-pop, ‘Sober’ is suitably infectious to sit well in Hawkins’ growing list of bop-a-longs. 

Centred around a meandering electric guitar, which is desperate to cut loose, ‘Sober’ bounces into life and frames lead-vocalist Hawkins French’s voice perfectly. A cacophony of atmospheric sound follows thereafter.

As the track builds, an irresistible rhythm comes in which strong-arms your foot into tapping, before the restraints on that electric guitar are finally cut and it’s allowed to take a walk. And walk it does. Through the middle eight your subjected to an all-out guitar assault and it jaw-dropping. 

It has to be said, after the start they’ve had, if the Hawkins lads carry on in this vein everyone will know about them, not just our friends across the pond. 

Sober‘ is available to download and stream now. Listen below now. 


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