Jora The Fortuneteller – WAR – Single Review

Straight up fire from the very first note, Jora The Fortuneteller’s explosive new single ‘WAR’ is an exquisite release that refuses to be left for dead.

Jora The Fortuneteller are back with raucous new single ‘WAR’

Hailing from Norwich, this quartet are destined to be headlining stadiums across the country within a matter of time.

Gaining praise from industry specialists and building a strong fanbase across the country, this young band are destined for greatness, and the new single fully illustrates why. 

WAR‘ feels like an instant classic with impressive guitar riffs, a powerhouse rhythm section and an explosive vocal range from lead-singer Sam Howlett.

Innovative yet still paying ode to indie-rock legends, the track is highly energetic and will instantly grab your attention

Sounding like the offspring of Muse, Nothing But Thieves and Royal Blood, ‘WAR’ is an impressive alternative rock number that comes across as fierce and in places, nostalgic.

Refreshingly original and identifiable as their own, this feels like a band still at the beginning of their journey but with an impressive career ahead. 

Don’t start another war and leave this track in the shadows, it’s unapologetic, filled with teenage angst and youth – what more could you possibly want?

WAR‘ is available to download and stream everywhere now. Watch the video below. 

By Chloe Mogg

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