Fanni Compton – Happy Never After – EP Review

‘Happy Never After’ is the super-sleek debut EP from the Manchester-based all-round talent Fanni Compton

Not That Kind Of Girl is Compton’s latest single

Placing you front row centre of a smoke-filled 1940’s New York art deco piano bar as she glides around the room. Fanni Compton’s debut EP ‘Happy Never After‘ is a stunningly beautiful piece of work

Moving from super-sleek 40’s inspired female empowerment tunes like ‘The Cure’, through to vulnerable mournful ballads like ‘Anymore’. The whole record takes you on a journey in which every song develops a new theme by showcasing another string to Compton’s ever-growing bow. 

The actor, singer-songwriter and voiceover artist pours emotion into every lilting tune on the EP. When you’ve got through tracks one and two you move into more atmospheric and dramatic sounds. Compton’s vocal performance shifts again nuancing her acting abilities. 

Then you move into ‘Don’t Say I Didn’t Warn You’.  Set to piano and twinkling synths it’s positively dripping with elegance. Echoes of Kate Bush and Lana Del Rey reverberate through the lines. 

Blessed with supreme talent, an instantly recognisable vocal and an acute knowledge of the type of music she wants to create ‘Happy Never After’ is elegance incarnate. Add into that intoxicating mix a legion of social media followers and you definitely have a recipe for success. 

It sounds like there’s more tunes coming from Compton through 2021 too, with another single already lined up. 

Happy Never After‘ is available to stream and download now. 

But if you want to get a taste of what Compton’s about in a nutshell. We recommend checking out ‘Not That Kind Of Girl. A recent single which shows you everything you need to know about this incredible talent in a little over four minutes. 

Watch the video for ‘Not That Kind Of Girl

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