Estella – Dreaming Awake – Single Review

Nottingham-based singer-songwriter Estella joins up with American producer Command_promt on astral new single ‘Dreaming Awake’. 

Estella is going in a different direction with her new single ‘Dreaming Awake’

Following on from her debut single ‘Wasting My Time‘, emerging talent Estella has teamed up with Command_promt to create her new release ‘Dreaming Awake and it’s one of the most ethereal things we’ve ever heard. 

Moving away from the indie-pop sound we came to love on her previous single. The Nottingham-based artist is now shifting into altogether more dreamy fields. 

There’s a shimmering, beautiful tone to the track. As you’re listening to ‘Dreaming Awake’ there’s a stunning vulnerability to the track. Almost as though if you did anything firmer that just listen to it, it may shatter into a million pieces. 

Estella’s gossamer vocal encourages that vibe. Sitting celestially above the miasma of synths and atmospheric sound to form an end product which is eye-wateringly beautiful

Although it’s still early days in Estella’s music career, with this new tune she’s already showing she’s not frightened to challenge and experiment with her sound. 

But this delicious mix of synths and dreamy energy suits her soundscape down to the ground. 

If there’s more indie-pop stuff to come after this, we’ll be ecstatic. However, you’d find it hard to argue with her logic if she chose to continue down this electronic dream-pop route. 

Dreaming Awake‘ is available to stream and download now. 

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