More In Luv – Like You – Single Review

More In Luv are serving up another deliciously indulgent slice of infectious indie-pop with their latest single ‘Like You’. 

More In Luv are back with their new single ‘Like You’

We’d be lying if we said More In Luv’s previous single ‘Someone Else‘ hadn’t been living in our head rent free since we reviewed it back in March. 

Now, no sooner had we got over gorging ourselves on that infectious indie-pop bopper, the Merseyside quartet are back with yet another indulgent slice. And honestly, we’ve just loosened our collective belts and tucked straight in again. 

If you’re a fan of bands like The 1975, Larkins, Fickle Friends and the like, then you have to check these lads out. 

Like You‘ is dripping with so many super-cool summer vibes. If it were a person it would’ve just fallen out of the Asos sale with a few questionable purchases that you know it’d be able to pull off, sickeningly.

From the powdery synths to the hook-laden guitars and tapping percussion, ‘Like You’ is completely irresistible. We challenge you to listen to this track on a sun-drenched mid-summer day and not beam from ear to ear. 

But it seems it’s not just us who’re digging the sound of More In Luv as the guys are gearing up to play an eagerly anticipated headline show at Jimmy’s in Liverpool on 23 July. That gig better be in a particularly dark area of the iconic Merseyside venue, because these boys are bringing the sunshine. We don’t like telling people what to do, but you have to get along to that show! 

After all, there’s nothing like a bit of feel-good indie boppery to finally start drawing the veil over the clusterf**k of a year we just endured. 

For now though, as you can tell, we’re loving the sound of these talented troubadours. Never has a phone ringtone sounded so good!

Like You‘ is available to stream and download now. 

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