The Great Leslie – That’s Alright – Single Review

There’s a rock ‘n’ roll Maroon 5 meets Panic! At The Disco meets The Snuts vibe going on in the new single by The Great Leslie, ‘That’s Alright’. Making it utterly infectious and impossible to ignore. 

The new single ‘That’s Alright’ by The Great Leslie is out now

We know there will be people who read that opening gambit and recoil in horror at the sheer mention of Maroon 5 – and we can’t say we massively blame you, but each to their own. 

However, when we use them as a comparison to explain the new single ‘That’s Alright‘ by The Great Leslie, we’re talking about a Maroon 5 2.0. One that has been dipped in a vat of bubblingly hot melted chocolate-like rock ‘n’ roll vibes and sprinkled with the delicious hundreds and thousands of indie-pop decadence. 

Their third release of the year, following on from previous singles ‘Out Of My Hands‘ and ‘See You Again’, has been constructed around the idea of morality and the four-piece coming to terms with their own past transgressions.

Ollie Trevers, lead singer of the Suffolk-based rockers, said of the thought process behind this latest tune:

That’s Alright is about the absence of morality. The fact that morality is a social construct and accepting past transgressions. The idea developed organically from a holistic mindset when I took a step back and realised that often most other artists, write about what has happened in their lives, and whether it is subjectively good or bad. I’m rarely objective with my lyrics, like other artists, they are often driven by emotion; That’s Alright was my way of trying to break away from that approach and talk about something a bit different. When I brought the early version to the band, we really worked hard on it. We played with the music, and structure at every practice trying to get it just right making it into the absolute banger that it is

ollie trevers, the great leslie

What we’ve seen from The Great Leslie previously is toe-tapping indie-pop goodness which didn’t take itself too seriously. However, with that theme of morality and previous wrong-doings lingering, have we seen the end of their jovial ways? 

Absolutely not!

‘That’s Alright’ bounces into life with all the gusto of someone launching a space-hopper through the conservatory window of your mind. Melodic alt-rock guitars blend together with a driving percussion line to form the basis of the hopper, before the combination of Trever’s unique vocal and an incredibly catchy hook launch the circular rubber fiend through your glazed aperture. 

Once the space-hopper’s inside it’s there to stay. Crashing around on your soft furnishing and spilling a layer of house plant soil across the deck. But you’re happy about it. Like when you’re completely at home in the melee of an insane house party. 

That’s Alright‘ is living rent free in the knackered conservatory in our mind, and we love it! Also, it’s available to download and stream now. Listen below. 

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