Myriam Adams – LA – Single Review

Warwickshire’s post-punk, synth-pop genre twister’s, Myriam Adams, are back with their new single ‘LA’. And it adds more layers to their ever-growing portfolio and reputation. 

Myriam Adams are back with new genre-blending single ‘LA’

Last year we had the joy of covering Myriam Adams’ debut EP ‘Sexy Suburban Sadness which lit up the night with its punky synth-pop approach. 

It was a record which saw them propelled into the ever-affectionate new-musical gaze of the BBC and all its Introducing platforms. 

Fans of the band will be glad to know the new single ‘LA‘ shows no signs of halting the genre-bending magic carpet ride the Warwickshire-based four-piece started us all on with the EP last year. Tracks from ‘Sexy Suburban Sadness’ like ‘angerangercute’ definitely have a reference point in this new tune. 

Featuring industry starlet Harrison Powers, from the moment ‘LA’ kicks in with its driving drum beat and lofty guitars your foot starts impulsively tapping. Before you know it you’re at the chorus which lifts through the lines to a catchy hook, seemingly custom-made for vocalist Jacques Hete’s voice. 

Hete’s vocal breaks and crackles over the top of the cacophony of poppy synth and anthemic guitars to lend that post-punk edge to the track in the most delicious way possible. This track’s got more dimensions than a Rick and Morty Halloween special. 

We’ve made the comparison to The 1975 before, when discussing Myriam Adams. And we find ourselves being implored to do it again.

Rippling post-punk lines of early ’75 tracks like ‘The City’ reverberate through ‘LA’. 

Although, we feel we should clarify, those comparisons to the 1975 are not a bad thing. In fact, if you’re a new band with a few shows under your belt, like this quartet have, and you’re standing up to the likes of Matty Healy’s mob, then we think you’re doing something very right!

The best thing we can say about ‘LA’ is; it’s perplexing. We say that with nothing but peace and love because, while on the one hand it’s another shimmering example of just what thing band are capable of. On the other, it proves that these guys are just finding their range, so lord knows what’s to come from this talented quartet. 

The perfect follow up to a, rightly, successful EP. Bravo.

LA‘ is available to stream and download now. Check out the spanking new video below too. 

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