Lexi Mariah – Playlist – Single Review

American pop singer-songwriter Lexi Mariah is looking to follow up a successful couple of years with her new summery single ‘Playlist’. A tune to create memories to. 

Lexi Mariah returns with her latest single ‘Playlist’

Adding new songs to a growing back-catalogue which has already garnered attention from industry giants like Rolling Stone is never going to be a simple matter. 

There’s so much to think about as an artist. From what you think your fans want to hear, to your perception of what the media and prospective fans think you’re about. 

But Lexi Mariah seems to be showing experience above her years with her latest track ‘Playlist‘. 

Out on 11 June, ‘Playlist’ is her first release of 2021 and it’s a track which shimmers with light synth-work and melodic guitars providing the perfect platform for Lexi’s lighter vocal to star. 

Dripping in more summery vibes than a melting ice-lolly. When added to a suitable *ahem* playlist the new single could be the ideal anthem for whiling away a few hours in the sun. 

But where the youthful intelligence enters the formula is in the singer-songwriter’s ability to latch on to a theme and deliver a tune which is laser-guided at that niche. For example, ‘Playlist’ is a nod towards music’s ability to stick with us and form a soundtrack to memories or past experiences. 

We think she’s got all the tools on this latest single to form the backbone of someone’s summer. Hopefully now COVID clears off so we can all actually enjoy a summer again!

Talking about the new single recently, Lexi said

I have some playlists that I have made over the years that are now hard for me to listen to because the songs give me such vivid flashbacks of times I shared with people who are no longer in my life. On days where I’m able to listen to them, all of the memories, good and bad come rushing back. I always wonder if those songs make the other person think of me, too.

When writing ‘Playlist’, I wanted it to be a track that my listeners could dance to, but also one that would tug on their heartstrings a bit, since it’s a concept I feel so many people will be able to relate to.

lexi mariah

Playlist‘ is available to download and stream now. 

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