Darlings – The Devil – Single Review

Electronic indie duo Darlings are back in 2021 with a euphoric, and ‘devilishly’ clever new single ‘The Devil’ – see what we did there?!

Darlings have returned in 2021 with new single ‘The Devil’

In-between the lines of thumping 808 beats, jangling guitars and shimmering synths, Darlings have returned with a new single which is powerfully upbeat and deliciously intricate. 

Made in their own image, ‘The Devil‘ is brilliantly clever in its compilation and wonderfully jovial to listen to. The ideal weekend starter soundtrack.

Built around the relentless thud of the 808, Darlings have layered electronic sound on top of a soaring vocal to create something raw and emotionally charged. 

However, the devil certainly lies in the detail on this tune, as they’ve managed to tailor that emotive and engaging soundscape without you ever feeling like it’s asking something of you in the final listen. 

Following up on a couple of years which saw the duo work with the likes of The Strokes producer, Gordon Raphael, in 2019 and release their debut EP ‘Pink Cloud in 2020. It’s fair to say 2021 was always going to be a case of building on that incredible start wherever and however COVID allowed. 

This latest single seems to be the perfect way to kick off that journey. 

The Devil‘ is available to download and stream now.

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