Venus Grrrls – Hate Me – Single Review

The queens of alt rock, Venus Grrrls, are back with their latest single ‘Hate Me’ in another stomping ode to female empowerment. 

Venus Grrrls are back with their new single ‘Hate Me’

Somewhere between the lines of Joan Jett, Bikini Kill and Florence And The Machine you’ll find Venus Grrrls and their latest tune ‘Hate Me‘. 

We covered their previous tuneGoth Girl for Indie Midlands and loved the ebb and flow of the track. But this one feels different. 

There’s more of an annoyed tinge to the lyricism and delivery which juxtaposes nicely against the track’s, sometimes, more poppy vibes. 

But, as Grace “GK” Kelly – lead singer of the band – tells us, that pop arrangement was completely by design

Hate Me began as a Garageband demo that was written during one of the lockdowns, where we really wanted to focus and hone in on making some memorable motifs and melodies. It’s got a pop edge that we’re really excited about, but feel it maintains all of the crucial elements of our original musicianship.

GK – venus grrrls
The ‘Grrrls are fighting the patriarchy in the most incredible way

GK’s stunning vocal comes with you throughout the track and ripples with intoxicating energy, think Beth Ditto-type power with Florence-esque range.

From second one she’s there, low at first, before the stomping percussion adds a visceral undertone. Then ‘Hate Me’ builds through the layers of anthemic, rocky guitars to punch through the glass ceiling and leave you with something truly special. 

Venus Grrrls’ writing has always followed a story-telling style and it’s that pen-womanship which has come to the fore again here. Exquisite lyricism bridges the gap between punk nostalgia and modern-day genre blending beauty

When the ‘Grrrls come with incredible tunes like ‘Hate Me’ it’s so easy to see why they’ve already enjoyed focus from new music aficionados from BBC Introducing, Radio 1, 6 Music and Radio X

The rise is real and the journey is going to be spectacular. 

Hate Me‘ will be available to stream and download from 18 June


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