Jamie Summerfield – Fade Out – Single Review

Jamie Summerfield is making up for lost time with his particular brand of atmospheric and beguiling 90s dreampop. His new tune ‘Fade Out’ piles layers on to the dream. 

Jamie Summerfield’s latest single ‘Fade Out’ is exploring a new sound

When Staffordshire’s Jamie Summerfield bought his first guitar at 17 and started putting pen to paper on a raft of new music, he must’ve thought the sky’s the limit for his dreamy indie sound. 

However, as with everything, life got in the way. And now, some 30-years later, he’s finally got around to cracking them out in front of a crowd. 

Fade Out is his latest release which follows on from two previous singles and a 2020 EP titled ‘Heading For The Light’, which were all built around heavier soundscapes.

Now Summerfield seems to be building a beautifully atmospheric back-catalogue of music.

This latest release is completely enchanting. From the moment it kicks in with cinematic indie guitars and heavy synth lines. ‘Fade Out’ transports you to the window of a spaceship drifting through the cosmos. 

Summerfield’s vocal comes through and you can tell it’s one which has been decades in the making. There’s an instant assurance there which backs up the iconography of his rapier-like lyricism

Speaking about his newfound dreampop sound, after crafting a heavier introduction to the industry, the Staffordshire singer-songwriter said: 

The music that really connects with me offers an alternative world to get lost in. Bands like Ride, Chapterhouse, Slowdive and My Bloody Valentine have an escapist, other-worldly effect, and I was definitely inspired by them while writing and recording ‘Fade Out’. The song’s about tuning out for a while from the madness of the world and I wanted a big, loud, expansive sound to express this.

jamie summerfield

If this latest tune is a sales pitch for a new direction, then we’re happy to buy another ticket for the spaceship ride. That 90s inspired dreampop mask which he’s chosen to wear on this new record really plays to his strengths. 

The writing is perfect and the sound is escapism at its finest. 

Download or stream ‘Fade Out‘ now. 

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