Crymson – Alone Again – Single Review

Birmingham’s very own Crymson are here with their latest single ‘Alone Again’. A jangling indie tune which is laser-guided at those who’re craving a summer feel good bop-a-long. 

Crymson have released their latest tune ‘Alone Again’

Alone Again‘ is the shimmering new tune from Crymson, a Birmingham-based quartet who’ve been putting in the musical graft throughout 2019/20. 

Fresh off the back of previous singles ‘Pass Me By’ and ‘Midnight Mission’, the four-piece have started to piece together the makings of an interesting back-catalogue. 

Showing a maturity of writing and sound, ‘Alone Again’ plunges us into the world of a couple on the rocks. The main protagonist knows the whole thing’s going to the dogs, but is terrified by the thought of being alone. 

Lyrics like “You said everything would be alright. But it’s just not.” Tell you everything you need to know about the inspiration behind the tune. 

Now, that messaging may lead you to believe this latest Crymson track is something of a sullen affair. However, those melancholic tones are driven forward instead by jangling upbeat indie guitars and atmospheric drums. 

When the percussion takes control ‘Alone Again’ is a delight of a tune. It implores your feet to start tapping even after listen one.

The whole thing comes together to conjure a sound so summery you it almost coaxes the Hawaiian shirt out of your wardrobe from 10 miles away. (Not that we own such garish attire) Suppose it helps that it’s approximately 876 degrees in the UK at the moment.

All in all, it’s a fantastic introduction to team Crymson and the sounds they’re creating. We’re interested to find out more. Lucky, then, that the lads are dropping their next single ‘Juvenilia’ on 19 June. 

Download and stream ‘Alone Again‘ now. 

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