Vice Killer – Alone In This World – EP Review

‘Alone In This World’ is the rapier sharp and relentlessly savvy debut EP from County Durham outfit Vice Killer. 

Vice Killer debut EP 'Alone In This World'
You need to listen to the debut EP by Vice Killer, ‘Alone In This World’

Back when the rest of us were trying to make sense of Tiger King, baking our 18th batch of banana bread or swotting up for yet another inter-family Zoom quiz. The Vice Killer lads were hard at work putting pen to paper on their debut EP ‘Alone In This World

And once you get rid of the envy that someone used their time for good, unlike you, you’re able to stand back and appreciate this record for what it is. But what is that?

Well, we said it before when we got the chance to review their debut single ‘Commonplace‘ and then the title track off the EP back in April. They may outline their influences as Arctic Monkeys, Talking Heads, New Order and Joy Division, but there’s more than a little of The Coral about this lot.

Or maybe a little of Last Shadow Puppets Alex Turner rather than AM Alex Turner. 

Now we make that Coral connection with more than just the band’s sound in mind. The Coral are a renowned band who’ve been constantly honing their sound over years of graft. However, there’s an almost instant maturity here with Vice Killer which belies the title of “debut EP”.

The County Durham quartet have a mesmeric quality to their music which, James Skelly will tell you, usually only comes after years of sound cultivation and soul searching. Not months of lockdown writing. 

If you’re wondering, “how can that be?” Or you think we’re talking gibberish, we implore you, just listen to tracks like ‘The Last Dance’  or ‘Midnight Walking’. Both are superbly put together with razor-sharp lyricism, superbly catchy guitar riffs and oracular percussion. 

It’s a debut unlike anything we’ve seen before. Most indie bands can’t resistance the siren call of crashing symbols and jangling strings on their introductory record. As if the equation for overnight success is: shouted working men’s club lyrics + noise = the big bucks. 

Now, we’re not saying we know the secret to success, far from it, and there is the odd wander of jangly guitars and errant symbols in ‘Alone In This World’. But, like ripe apples, those elements have been picked and utilised at just the right time to keep you moving through the record. 

‘Alone In This World’ is the introduction to a band who already know exactly what their strengths are, and how to use them. Mature, concise and balanced. Five stars, move on!

Download and stream ‘Alone In This World‘ now. 

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