Leontas – Against The Wall – Single Review

London rockers Leontas are back with their second single of 2021 ‘Against The Wall’ and it’s a raucous journey of a tune. 

Leontas has released theit second single of 2021 ‘Against The Wall’

If you haven’t heard of Leontas then prepare to have your listening holes battered (in a good way) for a solid three minutes. 

The dynamic duo have formed an enviable bond and an even stronger sound since forming after meeting each other in the auditions for another band.

That chance encounter is ancient history now and the result is a swaying, pulsating form of electro-rock, not too dissimilar to what bands like Kasabian were achieving on records like ‘Velociraptor’ or ‘For Crying Out Loud’. 

There’s a visceral yet charming bolshiness to ‘Against The Wall‘. But, then, with a title like that you almost expect some defiant, chest-beating character

A rumbling synth and thumping percussion-line introduce the track before rocky guitars and an altogether more punchy beat come through to create an enjoyable chorus. With a huge soundscape and a rock attitude, Leontas have a single on their hands here. 

Essentially this tune is about finding time to do things in your life which you really want to have a go at. Rather than getting stuck in the wheel of working and resting. It’s about freedom, and that energy really comes across in the final product. 

Talking about the messaging behind the new single Alex Munteanu and Scott Collier from the band said

Anything from politics, to social status and life choices hold us back, however we are firm believers that it’s never too late to give space to what your heart desires.

Alex & scott – leontas

When the amazing small music venues across the UK finally open up again there will, no-doubt, be the biggest party the world has ever seen. ‘Against The Wall’ is purpose built for the mayhem

Against The Wall‘ is available to stream and download everywhere now!

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