The A.V. Club – Better Days – Single Review

A hurricane of synthy goodness has just blown down the doors of Spruced Up HQ. Sounds like The A.V. Club are back in town. 

The A.V. Club are back with ‘Better Days’

And just as sure as apples is apples, the Warrington four-piece have returned with their second single of 2021, ‘Better Days‘. 

Coming on the back of recent success with their formative single of the year ‘Mistakes‘, the band are now looking to evolve their lyricism with a coming of age toe-tapper

While ‘Better Days’ may be a shift in mentality in terms of song writing and messaging, it still delivers everything you’ve come to expect from The A.V. Club.

The soaring vocals and poppy guitars create that indie-pop arrangement which looks to be going nowhere, despite the change in lyrical direction, thank God! And, of course, it wouldn’t be an A.V. Club track with a helpful serving of dazzlingly juicy synths. 

Somewhat aptly, ‘Better Days’ is penned from the perspective of someone who’s been through a tough period. However, they our protagonist knows they’ve made it through the rain and now better days are ahead. 

With this latest tune, the Warrington quartet are continuing to make musical lemonade out of the shittiest of 2020/21 lemons. Showering us with shimmering arrangements, uplifting vocals and perpetually inspirative lyricism. Long may it continue. 

Better Days‘ is available to stream and download now. Check out the new video below.  

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