Bryony Williams – Growing/Fading – EP Review

Bryony Williams has re-released her 2019 record ‘Growing/Fading’ on her own Grrrl Groannn Records label with a shiny new video, but what does it all mean?!

Bryony Williams has re-released her ‘Growing/Fading’ record

Back in 2019 the world was a different place. You could hug your nan and Bryony Williams’ new record Growing/Fading‘ was generating acclaim and airtime with musical giants like BBC Introducing

Flash forward a couple of years and we seem to have been stuck in a time warp as you’re now allowed to hug your nan again and Williams has re-released ‘Growing/Fading’. Only this time, there’s an accompanying three-part video live on her Youtube channel

The shining single on the record is ‘Little Tree’ which benefits from a dazzling new video courtesy of a collab with videographer, Louis Coupe. 

If you haven’t heard ‘Little Tree’ before it’s a stunning track which will make you’re heart swell. The new video see’s Williams using a rather forthright broccoli to come to terms with her inner-saboteur and making sense of those complex, anxiety-induced, frustrations which seem to come hand in hand with growing up. 

While the new video will deservedly drag plenty of attention, for us, the star in ‘Little Tree’ is Williams’ vocal. As the tune wanders from rocky Sam Fender-esque intro guitars into something altogether more gentile you grow to love it more and more. 

Bryony Williams on the BBC Introducing Stage

However, where there’s a jovial undercurrent to soundscape of ‘Little Tree’ the same cannot be said for it’s dark, Radiohead-like B-Side ‘Silhouette’

Penned roughly four years ago while Williams was coming to terms with losing her first love. The track takes you on a sombre journey back through her heartache. 

Speaking about the inspiration behind ‘Silhouette’, Williams said: 

I didn’t want to be sweet anymore. I wanted to show my hurt and not only through lyrics, but through musical nuances. The synth acts as my distress; hoping to blind-sight the listener like I once was.

Bryony williams

There can be no doubt that the new three-part journey-like video has breathed new life into this stunning record and you should definitely check it out. 

However, we think the music is good enough to stand on its own.

‘Growing/Fading’ is available to download now. Watch the accompanying video below. Williams is also heading out on the road this summer, so if you want to check out any of these stunning tracks live get your tickets now.

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