Luka – Waiting – Single Review

Luka has turned up the drama on her latest single ‘Waiting’ as she continues to build on her impressive back-catalogue of tunes. 

Luka is back with her latest tune ‘Waiting’ and it’s a theme we can all relate to

Waiting‘ is the third release on Monomyth Records for Leeds and London-based singer-songwriter Luka. 

We covered her previous single ‘Past The Point of No Return for Indie Midlands way back in December. Back then we likened the tune to the type of mournful song you’d hear fading up in the background of a gritty period drama to add another layer of subtext to a sorrowful scene.

Now she’s back with her latest tune and, while the period drama vibes have gone, it’s another effortlessly beautiful summation of human emotion.  

Speaking about the new release, Luka said:

‘Waiting is a classic unrequited love song. You like someone who doesn’t feel the same way and end up waiting for things to change, hoping that if you wait long enough, they might change their mind (they usually don’t). In the end you realise you’ve wasted too much of your life pining after this one person and it’s probably time to get over it and move on. I wrote this when I was in the middle of that sad “why don’t they like me back” stage. Happy to say that I have since moved past being sad about that to just being stressed about the general world. A definite improvement’


It’s clear to see, or hear, the production levels have increased for Luka on ‘Waiting’. There’s more depth to the sound and possibly a few more tricks of the trade sprinkled here and there too. 

But fans of the talented singer-songwriter will be happy to learn that nothing has changed when it comes to the sonic quirkiness she brings to each track. 

Here, she comes with shimmering guitars which add a veil of edginess. A glittering array of mellotron strings add more to the track’s heavy atmosphere. However the whole thing is brightened by Luka’s shimmering vocal

Her power shines through like a torch on a murky November evening to create something eye-wateringly beautiful and pure. And it’s that purity which permeates through the gaps to stay with you long after the track dissipates. 

As we said, ‘Waiting’ is just the latest tune from Luka, who is know putting some pretty attractive meat on the bones of her body of work which we’re told will be culminating in an EP or album later this year. We can’t wait!

Waiting‘ is available to stream and download now. 

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