Artio – Your Name – Single Review

The new single by Artio ‘Your Name’ demonstrates as vividly as ever why this mob are set for great things. 

‘Your Name’ is the new track from Artio

Fans of new era Bring Me The Horizon should, by now, be salivating at the thought of hearing new tunes by this bunch of talented teenagers. 

The Leeds-based sextet are having more and more fun plumbing the depths of their dark-pop sound

However, Your Name demonstrates a key moment in Artio‘s development as a band, and, moreover as people. Lead vocalist Hol Brazil penned the track after coming out as bisexual last year. 

With a new-found sexual liberation in her heart and a song in her head, Brazil wrote ‘Your Name’ about that instant when you momentarily fall in love with someone, all the while knowing you may never see them again.

An emboldened lead-vocalist seems to have manifested in a larger soundscape for Artio. This new track swims in atmospheric sound

In the chorus, driving percussion and huge rocky-guitars fuse with a cinematic hook provided by the keyboard while Brazil’s hauntingly powerful vocal drifts over the top like a shimmering spectre. 

The verses offer an altogether different tone. Slower and more methodical, yet no less impassioned. Brazil holds down the fort with just atmospheric sound filling the voids behind her. She’s showing at a young age just how adept she is as a frontwoman. Holding focus brilliantly before the other members clatter into life again. 

All in all, it’s another barn-storming track from Artio. With tunes like ‘Billionaire Nightmare‘, ‘Queen Cobra‘ and now ‘Your Name’ in the bank, a similarly well-received follow-up EP to 2019’s ‘Sedative’ has to be in the offing. 

Your Name‘ is available to stream and download everywhere now. 

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