YNES – Used To Be – Single Review

‘Used To Be’ is the brand new track from Coventry-born post-punk titan YNES, who continues to demonstrate her razor-sharp song-writing abilities. 

YNES is back with her latest single ‘Used To Be’

YNES is back with a typically barbed post-punk track Used To Be which is all about the transformation we all go through as we grow older. Focusing in on the time in our lives when we all make the shift from childlike teenager to decision-making adult and the momentous alterations which happen within the nuances of that development. 

However, we’re happy to report there’s been no dramatic transformation in terms of sound from YNES since we last heard her on ‘Better Job‘. Small adjustments, sure. But wholesale change is not happening here.

‘Used To Be’ is laced with angsty punk attitude. Yet the former Barista has managed to administer that injection of punk sentiment in a softer way, and the track profits as a result.

Not all post-punk music need to smash the doors in and kick you in the crotch. YNES’s new tune demonstrates that beautifully. While ‘Used To Be’ is inspired by the complications of growing up and becoming an adult, somewhat ironically, it’s the grown-up sound which has been conjured on this track which allows it to really dazzle

Her Kate Nash-come-Siouxsie and the Banshees-esque vocal is unmistakeable again. A sound which is beautifully built around using jangling guitars and anthemic percussion. All of which smacks of Britpop familiarity. 

The one thing which never fails to come across in YNES’s music is relatability, she’s constantly singing and writing about, touching on or influenced by subjects which matter to, and affect, everyone. We saw this first hand on the venomous ‘Better Job’ and now here again in a somewhat softer fashion on ‘Used To Be’. 

Aggression is still there in the messaging but the tone of delivery has changed slightly. Making the track no-less enjoyable, yet just as potent.

It’s this astuteness to shift subject matter with no-less passion for the finished article, along with an instantly recognisable sound which makes us more sure than ever that YNES is set for success. 

Used To Be‘ is available to download and stream everywhere now. 

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