The Clockworks – Feels So Real – Single Review

Mingled with post-punk reverberations and a swagger which can only come from a band on the rise. The Clockwork’s new single ‘Feels So Real’ is another timely reminder of what this band can do. 

The Clockworks are set on their way and ‘Feels So Real’ is another rocket ship of a tune

If you haven’t heard of the The Clockworks yet then you haven’t been looking in the right places. 

With attention and adoration coming from big-hitting names in radio like John Kennedy of Radio X, Steve Lamacq of 6 Music and Rodney Bingenheimer on SiriusXM in the states. Plus television coverage on Soccer AM and a host of live appearances at Eurosonic, Electric Picnic, and Sefton Park in Liverpool where they opened for Kings of Leon. It’s clear to see they’re making all the right moves. 

It may have something to do with the fact that this Irish quartet are signed to Alan McGee’s Creation 23 record label. Or it could be that they’re on the crest of a wave and creating massive tunes like ‘Feel So Real‘.

Either way, they’re set to go stratospheric and soon you won’t have to look to find them. 

‘Feels So Real’ is their latest single and it shimmers with post-punk attitude and radiates a coolness which can only come from working through experiences like the above examples. 

But, for all their driving percussion and gritty vocals, they’ve managed to maintain an accessible sound.

Many times with post-punk music the attitude can scare fans away and the music is used for political point scoring rather than just making us feel good. Which, at the end of the day, is what music should do right?

That’s a mentality which stood a certain iconic pair of Mancunian brothers in good stead while they churned out tune after tune. Now it seems to be a message which is maintained by The Clockworks

Feels So Real‘ is available everywhere now and it hits all the right notes. Anyone hearing the band had been signed by the great McGee would understand his thinking the second this track hits the speaker.  

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