Pretty Mafia – Benny Blanco – Single Review

Pretty Mafia announce their arrival on the indie-music scene with a swaggering DMA’s esque debut single ‘Benny Blanco’. 

Pretty Mafia are here with their debut single ‘Benny Blanco’

Rising like a phoenix from the ashes of Ascendo, Pretty Mafia have punctuated their arrival on the scene with a decadent slice of indie-rock goodness

The four-piece formally known as Ascendo are back with a different name, look, and sound. Prompting many to wonder if it’s the same band at all! 

However, not everything has been lost from the previous incarnation of the West Yorkshire mob. They’ve kept that swaggering indie-rock persona and the extremely credible Ascendo foundations. Built through formidable tunes and a stellar reputation which saw the lads headlining shows across the region and gaining worldwide traction on Dearne FM, Indie Sounds Australia and Trax FM.

But Ascendo are no more and Pretty Mafia now stand before us with their debut single ‘Benny Blanco‘. 

A more mature sounding tune than the likes of which we were used to with Ascendo. ‘Benny Blanco’ channels sounds of DMA’s, Oasis and The Charlatans and pours them into a mould made of Wakefield confidence. 

Charlie Williams’ vocal rings out over the top of howling melodic guitars which build from a jangling intro. The percussion is so Oasis, with plenty of symbol and a drifting bassline which allows the whole thing to float majestically above the average.

All in all it’s a strong introduction from a band who now seem to have shaken off the training wheels in the best way possible. We can’t to hear more of what this altered sound has to offer. 

Benny Blanco‘ is available to download and stream now. 

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