PinkFiz – Did I Ask? – Single Review

PinkFiz is here, she’s mad as hell, and new single ‘Did I Ask?’ proves sh’e not going to take it anymore.

PinkFiz is all about female empowerment on her latest single ‘Did I Ask?’

Having played in many band previous PinkFiz has now decided to go it alone. the decision to go solo doesn’t come easily to most artists, but national lockdowns afforded us all a little thinking time than normal. 

That contemplative period gave birth to PinkFiz and now the 18-year-old singer-songwriter is ready to stamp her authority on the indie post-punk scene as a ringing voice of female empowerment

Channelling iconic influences like Joan Jett, Bikini Kill, and Destroy Boys, PinkFiz is here with her latest single ‘Did I Ask?‘ and it’s an absolute stomper

If you’re expecting a raucous, snarling, smash the patriarchy scream-a-thon then you won’t find it here. Of course you’ll find that sentiment, but delivered via thumping percussion and howling guitars. Then PinkFiz’s surprisingly delicate vocal comes in and adds a whole new dimension. 

Standing up for female empowerment is such a strong topic and it’s a message which needs to be heard loud and clear. Track’s like ‘Did I Ask?’ will go some way to ensuring this message gets through. Arranged in an angry and angsty way but delivered so professionally. 

Rather an allowing emotion to rule her work, PinkFiz allows her music and razor-sharp lyricism to do her shouting for her and the end product benefits so much as a result. But what does the woman herself think of the track?

I wrote this song about the phrase “she was asking for it” because I was really angry that day about it and I needed to get all my frustration about it into words and into a song. I am very passionate about fighting for equality and about making opportunities for everyone the same. As a female guitarist, I have been overlooked in the past and disregarded and I’ve often felt invalidated and seen as not as good as my male peers. I also recalled being robbed of opportunities in school and begging for a chance to play something more technical and difficult but the parts I would ask for were always given to an older male teacher without me having a shot at trying them.


Her heady mix of powerful messaging and stunning delivery have already seen PinkFiz garner attention from the likes of BBC Introducing. We can’t wait to hear what an album or EP would sound like. 

Did I Ask?‘ is available to download and stream now

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