Karakana – Misbehaving – Single Review

Pontefract-based band Karakana are back with another slice of bubbly indie-pop that is sure to brighten your day. 

‘Misbehaving’ is the latest single by Karakana

A lesson in upbeat indie music, Misbehaving is the latest single from Karakana and it bounces through a theme many of us will surely relate to – beer fear.

When you awake the morning after the night before and the memories (or lack thereof) start to pour forwards. Like a mortifying side dish to the ugly main course of your hangover. 

However there’s nothing ugly or embarrassing about this new track from the Pontefract quintet. 

Following on from early success with debut track ‘Brothers’ and the subsequent ‘Baby Blue’ the Karakana lads are setting their collective sights high. A sold out show at Leeds’ Eiger Studios will have done little to dampen their enthusiasm too. 

‘Misbehaving’ is set against a background of perfectly measured and playfully arranged melodic guitar. Tight harmonies and a bouncing percussion line help cement that jovial tone which matches the mischievous message perfectly. 

After all it would’ve been jarring to hear a tune about inebriated misdemeanours set to a lone piano. The last thing anyone with the beer fear wants is a serious look back at their questionable actions. 

Talking about the track recently Karakana bassist, Niall, said

Misbheaving is a song about regret and making amends. Nights out can be unpredictable, and sometimes you don’t realise what you’ve done until the morning after. This song was first presented to us by our drummer Joe, he came to us with the chorus and we really like how it slowed down and sped back up. We knew instantly that this was something special

Niall, Karakana

Those rise and falls in tempo keep ‘Misbehaving’ in your memory and prevent it from withering into the ether of so many peppy indie-pop tracks. It’s a unique feature which gives the tune another stunning angle

In short, we loved this track. It’s fun and doesn’t take itself too seriously while also forcing your head to bob away on the rampant drum beat like a Churchill dog on an off-roading day. There’s so much of Milburn about this sound and we love it. 

Misbehaving‘ is available to download and stream now. 

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