Jonny Woolnough – 2666 (Love Is On Its Way) – Single Review

Jonny Woolnough delivers a hook-heavy, easy-on-the-ear, bop-a-long for his second single ‘2666 (Love Is On Its Way) from his upcoming debut solo album ‘Mayurqa. And it’s dripping with super-cool summertime vibes.

Jonny Woolnough is back with a follow up to, debut single, A.A. Gill with new single ‘2666 (Love Is On Its Way)

Just in time for the sun to start shining in earnest Jonny Woolnough has come through with a drifting, sun tinted second single called ‘2666 (Love Is On Its Way)’.  

While the new single was recorded in Costa del Leeds, it was taken from an album he wrote back when he was living in mainland Spain and Palma De Mallorca. And the warm Spanish sunshine radiates from the track.  

A wistful tune which encourages you to move along to the beat. It comes in with almost psychedelic tones before the drop sees it move more towards indie-spangled guitars and punchy percussion 

Woolnough’s rocky, gravelly vocal is understated in the whirl of the track. Almost refusing to take the shine off the vibe which has been created. Sitting in-between the layers just lacing the tune with message and edge.  

It’s a match made in song writing heaven, but then when you know that Woolnough’s musical history includes acclaimed bands like The Bazaars and Tomartyrs is it really a surprise that he’s managed to create a slice of such iconographic writing? 

Enough about his own origins, speaking about the single’s Mediterranean roots the singer-songwriter said 

I’d take voice recordings everywhere I went, soak in the local radio stations…watch any local live musicians I could. In a way a road trip of sorts. We were often moving, we had an old van and I’d take in the landscape and dream up new ideas. I started to learn the language, and follow the news and the politics. Anything, everything I could. I fell in love with Spain. 

JOnny woolnough

That adoration for Spain permeates through ‘2666 (Love Is On Its Way). Listening to it you’re transported to the deck of a boat anchored somewhere the Med. You’re reclining in the sun with a casual bag full of bottles of fresh orange juice tied off over the side cooling in the sea water.  

If you close your eyes you can almost smell the sea air and the faint whiffs of citrus.  

We’ll have to settle for a bank holiday BBQ and a cool bottle of beer. Still fine accompaniment to an extremely agreeable tune.  

2666 (Love Is On Its Way)’ is available to download and stream now. 

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