Flat Moon – Demise – Single Review

Leeds five-piece Flat Moon are back with new single ‘Demise’ and it’s an achingly cool serenade of a tune 

‘Demise’ is the latest track from Leeds-based alt-indie group Flat Moon

From the moment you press play on Flat Moon‘s ‘Demise’ you’re transported back through time, to an era when jazzy-funky tones were the sounds of the day.  

This ability to merge more retro themes rather than smashing through with jangling guitars and overpowering percussion is a fresh take. And it’s one which is winning the five-piece legions of fans at the start of their journey. 

‘Demise’ takes us on an expedition through layers of sound. That complex blend of genres starts with drifting, melancholic psych tones which are punctuated by the odd ping of soulful guitar against an aura of shimmering of high-hat.   

Then about three minutes in the whole thing takes off. Building quickly through the layers and erupting in a spew of bubbling, silky smooth funk. ‘Demise’ struts forward and delivers a shimmering crescendo. Lily Kaye lends her talents in the backing vocals and gifts the track a softer edge which adds more indulgent tones 

The whole things slips down with sumptuous ease like one of those allsinging alldancing hot chocolates you get at an high-end café in so many garden centres 

The psychedelic tones provide the indulgent hot chocolate base before they start layering on one indulgence after another. The funky licks from the bass provide the whipped cream and sprinkles. While Kaye’s soothing vocals top the whole thing off with an added flake-like flourish.  

We’ve been quite playful there, but there’s nothing funny about how talented this group are.  

Flat Moon have come at the indie-market through the garden centre café and we think it’s an approach which could really pay dividends. Especially now they’re teamed up with the guys at Monomyth Records

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