Natasha Nicole – Alright In The End – Single Review

‘Alright In The End’ is the ethereally folksy debut single from Natasha Nicole.  

Natasha Nicole’s debut single ‘Alright In The End’ is out now

The Midlands-based youngster is giving us all the Joni Mitchell & Laura Marling vibes we can handle in this astute and elegant introductory work.  

The latest name to sign to Bryony WilliamsGRRRL GROANNN Records, Nicole has found a uniquely heart-warming way to announce her arrival on to the new indie scene 

Inspired by her own struggles with anxiety and depression Nicole penned ‘Alright In The End’ in such a way as to be the comforter rather than the sufferer.  

That rare writing style becomes super-clear from the moment Nicole’s angelic vocal hits the mic. The opening lyric “go home, kick back. Cut yourself some slack” is the perfect way to start.  

We think ‘Alright In The End’ would be best enjoyed on a Sunday morning with a nice cup of tea – preferably while it rains, although we’re being picky now 

But this debut single couldn’t be further detached from the singer-songwriter’s history. Having previously lent her enviable vocal talents and drumming skill to an indie-rock band Nicole is now set on striking her own path in the industry 

Melodic guitars, a whisper of percussion, and that killer vocal are all she needs to create an atmosphere of symphonic serenity. As we said, the tune was written to act as a balm for those going through the anguish of mental health struggles.  

Speaking about the difficult creative process behind the track Nicole said:

I wasn’t in the greatest of mindsets, although something in me wanted to find the light of the situation. I struggled a lot with panic attacks triggered by anxiety meltdowns; relaxation wasn’t my forté. But, despite everything, I managed to capture a voice recording of that chorus line, in an attempt to calm myself down

Natasha nicole

That calming effect comes through brilliantly. You really get the feeling of tensions being unwound as you listen to the track. Like lying in a hot bath after a particularly tough gym session or football matchThe tune wraps around you and begins to soothe your soul. 

If nothing else, ‘Alright In The End’ is a wonderfully different and incredibly unique way for mental health struggles to be used for good, framed, harnessed… however you want to phrase it… it just works.  

Alright In The End‘ is available everywhere now!

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