Tommy Newport – Ultra Mango – EP Review

Tommy Newport is out here proving anything is possible when you’ve got a belly full of talent and an avant-garde approach to creating music. ‘Ultra Mango’ is the Manchester-born singer-songwriter’s debut EP and it’s coming in hot.  

Tommy Newport’s stock is rising and his new EP ‘Ultra Mango’ should do nothing to dull his shine

With a hotly tipped newcomer tag forged through coverage in publications like Wonderland MagazineHypebeastSnobiety, and DIY MAG. It’s clear Newport has been busy crafting an enviable reputation through the pandemic.  

In addition to those magazine slots, the talented youngster has also added TV appearances on shows like ‘Ballers’, Netflix’s ‘What/If’, and TBS’s ‘Search Party’ to his portfolio. Throw in a performance on the popular Youtube series COLORS and you can start to see why there’s such a buzz about Newport.  

But, did ‘Ultra Mango’ live up to the growing hype?

Yes! It’s a razor-sharp journey through the well of talents Newport has at his fingertips.  

The six-track EP dazzles with a range of electro-come-psych-pop vibes. On ‘Ultra Mango’ Newport has demonstrated his acute knowledge of sound to create a record which is bang on trend.  

‘Sweetener is the first track on the record and, for us, it’s a complete contrast to the other tracks on the album. Set there like a double-bluff it comes at you with arcing hazy overtones and an angsty sound.  

Whereas as you move through the rest of the record tracks like ‘Yellow Lines’, ‘Marigold’, ‘Shooting Star’, and the title track all feel lighter with a more high-fidelity feel. But each delivers a kernel of alteration and adaptation. ‘Yellow Lines’ and ‘Marigold’ layer funky tones on top of a hazy snyth-laden back beat 

Whereas the title track ‘Ultra Mango’ showcases a more dance driven side to his sound. One thing we can be sure of is, this is a record which feels laser-guided at summertime. If you don’t listen to this and picture yourself somewhere sunny, cocktail in hand, what’s the matter with you!? 

Here stands a man truly with the world at his feet.  

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