Chocolate – Everything’s Alright – Single Review

‘Everything’s Alright’ is the latest single release from Hertfordshire-based alt-rock trio ChocolateIt’s a raucous return to form for this intelligent and promising band.  

‘Everything’s Alright’ is the latest single from Chocolate

Following up the success of previous singles like Zero/HeroNinth CloudDisconnected, and Heavyweight was never going to be easy. But we think they’ve taken things up a notch here 

Channelling so many 00s American alt-rock influences from the powerful vocal through to the jangling guitars and full-on percussion. Everything’s Alright’ took us right back to our teenage years mixing in shades of bands like Rise Against, Breaking Benjamin, Papa Roach, Staind, Lower Than Atlanis, and Limpbizkit. 

Hell, we even think there’s a little YungBlud about the vocals. 

There’s something quite ‘My Way’ by Limpbizkit about the sombre introduction on ‘Everything’s Alright’. Which makes your ears prick up straight away. Your brain does that “Oh, hello” thing. Then the vocals come through and the hairs stand up on the back of your neck.  

Before long the build breaks and crescendos into a cacophony of anthemic rock. Your left waiting for a jangling hook to carry you away after the breakBut, here’s where that intelligence kicks in from this young trio.  

Instead of coming out of the crescendo with something for you to scream at the top of your lungs, the track brings you back down and puts you right back on the edge of your seat. But this doesn’t just happen once, the whole thing is wave after crashing wave of angst-driven anthemic rockAnd therein lies the beauty behind ‘Everything’s Alright’ 

It holds you in suspense and demands your attention throughout. Until it eventually it dissipates as quickly as it entered your life.  

Far from being just some trashy throwback tune which makes you yearn for bygone days. This feels bigger than thatAs the title suggests there’s undertones of mental health struggles running throughout the track. You get the feeling the main character is attempting to reassure himself, or us, about the outlook of life.  

Something big is happening down in rural Hertfordshire. BBC Introducing have already caught wind of Chocolate, and it’s so easy to see why. Like a captive bear, this range of anthemic rock should never be confined to a small studio or mum’s garage.

This needs to be played loud and screamed even louder.  

Check out Chocolate on Spotify and listen to ‘Everything’s Alright‘ now: 

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