Kaleyedoscope – Veiled Gate – Single Review

‘Veiled Gate’ is the latest single from Liverpudlian indie-rockers Kaleyedoscope and it’s everything you need to shake you up ready for a week of pub reopening’s 

Kaleyedoscope are back with their latest single ‘Veiled Gate’

With more than a hint of Muse and Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes about this track Kaleyedoscope are shaking the foundations with their sound at the moment.  

But who are Kaleyedoscope?  

Well, the band is the brainchild of north-west-based Stefan Wilkinson-Hill. Wilkinson-Hill demonstrates his undeniable talents under the banner of Kaleyedoscope, taking care of the strings, drums, synths, and bass all himself.  

The new single, ‘Veiled Gate’ follows on from previous singles ‘Exploitation Legislation’, ‘Facade’, and ‘The Pantomime.  

It comes shuddering into life as filthy, rock-laden, guitars collide with intense tumbling percussion to create a stunning cacophony of sound which grips you from the very beginning. Wilkinson-Hill’s dampened vocal comes through in the verses before the whole things catches fire in the empowering hooks. 

Inspired by abhorrent acts like the senseless killing of George Floyd in America, and hate crimes against the LGBTQ+ community.  

On tracks like ’Veiled Gate’, Wilkinson-Hill demonstrates his enviable ability to create massive tunes which also seek to shed light on society’s failings.  

Many times new bands, or vastly experienced ones for that matter, attempt to start forcing their personal agendas into their music and ultimately the end product suffers and the reality of the message is lost. 

However, that’s not the case here. Kaleyedoscope have got it bang on with ‘Veiled Gate’. A soaring indie-rock tune with the perfect ratio of message per catchy hook.  

We can only hope that now, as more tunes like ‘Veiled Gate’ come out and continue to point the finger at inequalities in our everyday, the powers that be start to take a look too 

‘Veiled Gate’ is available to download and stream every where now!

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