Static Vision – I Want You – Single Review

“I wanted to write my ‘Teenage Kicks’ by the Undertones.” That’s how Cian O’Dowd from Static Vision describes the influences behind the trio’s latest tune ‘I Want You’.

Static Vision have channelled some punk royalty on their latest single ‘I Want You’

If he hadn’t of told you, we’re pretty sure you could’ve pieced it together for yourself. The three chord canvas, crashing punk-addled drums, and angsty delivery are all reminiscent of the 1978 hit.

But, if it ain’t broke… the tried and trusted combinations help Static Vision to punch a hole in the ceiling with ‘I Want You’ and then ram it in your face.

From the undeniably punk count-in at the start you know it’s a track that’s coming after you. Perfectly constructed to carry that ‘Teenage Kicks’ likeness, I Want You’ has all the swagger of an ignorant cat and the passion of a protective rhinoceros.

Away from the Undertones influence, we can also hear a bit of The Ramones and maybe even a little Palma Violets in there too. The punky goodness is just oozing out of this track, in all the best ways.

O’Dowd’s vocal is perfect for pushing the whole thing forward, while adding to the atmosphere of impassioned youth, drunk on love. The crashing percussion stays with the track throughout, as do the scorching guitars.

That is, until the back end of the tune when the shackles come off and the strings are free to takeover, allowing the whole thing to wonder further into a rock and roll soundscape.

All in all it’s an accomplished single from the Limerick trio who, through tunes like this and an electrifying EP ‘Faith In The Future’, look well set to take off when the world gets back to normal.

I Want You‘ is available to download and stream now.

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