Vice Killer – Alone In This World – Single Review

Vice Killer’s second single ‘Alone In This World’ takes a swing at everything from the monarchy, to COVID-19, to the government, and on to society as a whole during the clusterf**k that was 2020.

Vice Killer are back again with their second single ‘Alone In This World’

Fresh off the back of introducing themselves to the world with debut single ‘Commonplace’ back in February, the County Durham-based quartet have returned withAlone In This World a bleak, yet uplifting, ode to the state of the world.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, sadness breeds great song writing!

Now, we should clarify, the last thing we want is for everyone to be roaming around depressed and we damn sure don’t want another 2020. But this latest track by Vice Killer proves the strength of that adage again.

From the melodic, quintessentially indie, guitars through to the bumping bassline and razor-sharp lyricism, ‘Alone In This World’ is a beautiful testament to what talented people can do when faced with tragedy and uncertainty.

There’s a tone of The Coral pulsing through ‘Alone In This World’. The melancholic beauty of the track coupled with Thomas Gilling’s, James Skelly-esque, vocal performance grips you in a murky black & white embrace you’re powerless to escape.

Talking about the track recently Gilling said:

It was written with the state of the world in mind, 2020 seemed to be a never-ending tunnel of bad news and bleakness. The year had tested everyone in different ways, and I wanted to portray the aloneness of the world today. It was written in the perspective of someone who had just entered the world today and voicing their immediate feelings

Cutting lyrics like “My senses dabbed away in an ashtray” and “misery within the monarchy, it’s a wonder that they knew we were here” emphasise the song’s message. But, moreover, they showcase Gilling’s writing ability as they slice away at the tiresome picture facing populations around the world at the moment.

All this might lead you to believe ‘Alone In This World’ is a bleak, mournful look back at the year that wasn’t. And while that is the case, you never become melancholic listening to the track. Rather than depressing, it uplifts.

That bouncing drumbeat moves the whole thing forward in a delightful, chugging charge. And while the lyricism is cutting and, on occasion, austere you never get the feeling it’s taking you down a bad path.

In the end you’re simply left nodding along to the beat and sharing in a collective annoyance at what happened, and an overwhelming sense of optimism that we will get back out there stronger, if not slightly more cautious.

Listen to ‘Alone In This World’ now:

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