Future Radio – Turn Up The Music – Single Review

‘Turn Up The Music’ is the latest tune from South African duo Future Radio. A battle cry imploring people to strip away shackles of consumerism and focus on what’s important, music.

Future Radio are back again with ‘Turn Up The Music’, the final track from their debut album ‘Freedom’

Following on from previous single ‘Closed Doors’ the dynamic duo have delivered the final track from their debut album ‘Freedom.

This latest tune wanders across the genres of rock, funk, and there’s even a layer of rap in there to help keep you guessing.

Funky guitars form the bedrock of ‘Turn Up The Music’ while elements of rock are laid on top through  driving percussion and frontman Johnny Future’s distinctive vocal.

But Future doesn’t stop with those rocky tones, he takes the vocal performance and runs with it exploring those layers of rap and beyond. The whole things comes to a swirling head with the introduction of a chanted middle section, which helps punch home the tune’s message.  

It definitely feels as though ‘Turn Up The Music’ is a call to arms track that the band hopes can resonate with their live audiences.

Lead vocalist and song writer Future said of the latest single:

Our debut album dealt with some fairly weighty issues and ‘Turn Up The Music’ resembles the lighter side of things. Even though the song has a message, I think it is important to sometimes just have fun. I wrote the chorus specifically with the idea in mind that people can sing along

Future Radio have a busy 2021 planned. While hoping to get out and start hearing that chant-like section hollered back at them from the stage, they’re also wasting no time getting straight back into the studio. The band have confirmed work has already begun on a second album, which is due to drop in August.

For now though, check out ‘Freedom’ which is available everywhere now. And if you fancy having a consumerism embattled chant-a-long in your living room, give ‘Turn Up The Music’ a listen below.

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