Greysha – Aspirin – Single Review

“A gospel of reclaiming my power” that’s how Norfolk-born Greysha see’s her latest single ‘Aspirin’.

Greysha’s back with her latest single ‘Aspirin’

After the successful release of her debut track ‘Life Goes Fluently’ last year, and subsequent radio coverage from the likes of BBC Introducing. 19-year-old Greysha is now aiming to replicate that positivity with her new single ‘Aspirin’.

The youngster channels and delivers all the Kate Bush vibes on this brooding, yet ethereal, new single.

Venturing down a similar road to acts like Artio, albeit in an altogether different vehicle, Greysha is exploring a dark pop soundscape which is bang on trend.

Sumptuous electronic vibes intertwine with murky dark-pop tones while Greysha’s Bush-like vocals simmer over the top of the heaving mass to deliver something potent and sinister yet empowering.

Talking about this latest tune, the now Shropshire-based singer-songwriter said:

I wrote Aspirin about the expectations of what lovers/people think I am or want me to be: pretty, submissive, theirs and theirs only. This song is about not being owned by anyone, exploring the fact that when people act like they can behave how they want and expect me to be there waiting, I won’t be. ‘Aspirin’ is a gospel of reclaiming my power. I want my listeners to feel empowered, and reach out to that inner dark beauty when they listen to Aspirin

The scintillating cinematic sound of ‘Aspirin’ is a timely reintroduction to what this talented youngster can do. If the bold sounds and impassioned lyrics of ‘Aspirin’ have taught us anything, it’s that there plenty more to come from Greysha.

Aspirin‘ is available to download now.

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