Region – idkwhyidkwhere – single review

The latest single from up-and-coming Devon rockers Region ‘idkwhyidkwhere’ has proven to be the perfect springboard, and it’s easy to see why.

Devon starlets Region has released their latest tune ‘idkwhyidkwhere’

Hailing from the quiet streets of Devon. Region are the young upstarts seeking the chance to light a fire under the rock scene on the south-west coast.

Inidkwhyidkwhere they’ve managed to fabricate a super-cool bass-driven thumping anthem to hang their respective hat on.

That rumbling bassline provides the tarmac for the unique vehicle of lead-singer Luke McAuley’s powerful vocal.

The marriage of McAuley’s vocal, with that bassline, and howling guitars paints the perfect picture for this exciting young band.

If the start of the track sets you up, the ending certainly knocks you over. The rumbling road laid by the bass inclines and the whole thing chugs towards an enthralling climax. When it hits the guitars screech into overdrive and crash into you in a dazzling wave of new rock.

McAuley said of Region’s latest single

The inspiration for ‘idkwhyidkwhere’ stemmed from the vision of driving towards a sunset where I had first heard of the singer Blanks. The lyrics tell the story of meeting someone and thinking things are going well. But, when it ends you look back and realise it wasn’t quite what you thought

Well, this track certainly wasn’t what we thought we’d be hearing from a new, young, rock band from Devon. Colour us pleasantly surprised.

idkwhyidkwhere’ is available to download everywhere now.

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