Ead Wood – Environmental – Single Review

No prizes for guessing what the latest tune by Bristol-based quartet Ead Wood, ‘Environmental’, is all about.

Ead Wood are back with their latest single ‘Environmental’

The blistering summer of 2019 formed the inspiration behind Ead Wood putting pen to paper on their latest single ‘Environmental’.

Lead vocalist Ed said of the track and the motivation behind it:

I read an article about the detrimental effect this unusually warm winter was having on hibernating animals such as hedgehogs, who were coming out of hibernation early due to the warm temperatures and I wrote the song straight on the back of this. The second verse refers to the story of Jonah and The Whale, envisioning what Jonah would find inside a whale now, mainly an array of plastic crap

We’re not sure what Jonah would come across inside a whale nowadays but we do know ‘Environmental’ is a jangly, summery celebration of the guitar. A light-hearted tune which endeavours to punch home a truly serious subject.

Taken from the Bristolian quartet’s forthcoming EP ‘Songs in the Quay of Sea’, the tune dances across the palate and forces your toes to tap.

There’s an intoxicating Circa Waves come Vampire Weekend exuberance to ‘Environmental’ which some might say belies the seriousness of the message they’re trying to convey.

However, we’d say if something this amiable can’t make you think twice about the plight of the planet then we are in trouble.

In all seriousness though, it’s a great song which we can only hope helps to turn more heads towards a problem which is now all of ours to tackle. Good on ya lads!

‘Environmental’ is available to download & stream now with a video coming on 30 March. 

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