Lemon Lord – Be Blonde – Album

‘Be Blonde’ is the latest album from Los Angeles-based singer songwriter Lemon Lord.

Lemon Lord ‘Be Blonde’

A shimmering pop album, yes, but Be Blonde is more of a fearless portrayal of attitude and empowerment than a vapid sugary treat from this rising star of the California pop scene.

There’s more than a little Chromatica-era Lady Gaga about the eight-track late 2020 release from Lemon Lord.

Laden with shimmering synths, 80s soundscapes, and razor-sharp lyricism ‘Be Blonde’ is a monument to retro pop. Which is a far cry from Lemon Lord’s (real name Nora Germain) previous life as a successful violinist and author – guess that explains the lyricism.

There’s no denying Germain’s a persistent and talented person.

‘Be Blonde’ feels like a celebration of female empowerment. Lyrics like “I love what ya got, celebrate it everyday” and “I’m a femme, not a bot, something like a goddess” go some way to demonstrating this album is about women holding women up instead of tearing each other down. A theme which is emphasised vehemently by society today.

Having worked through all those connotations between Germain’s sound and so many 80s acts. Singles like ‘Queen’, ‘The Game’, and ‘Destiny’ also feel very reminiscent of late 90s/early 00s girl bands.

We’re thinking bands like All Saints and Sugababes – but not as sickly sweet as the latter.

Either way, if you like your pop shimmering and your female empowerment catchy as hell, then check ‘Be Blonde’ out. You won’t regret it.

Be Blonde‘ is available to download and stream everywhere now.

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