Blue Kubricks – Latin – Single Review

There’s a delicious chaotic energy to Blue Kubricks which comes to the fore on their latest single ‘Latin’.

Blue Kubricks have hit the ground running with Latin – their first single release on Monomyth Records

Fresh off the back of signing with Monomyth Records, the Leeds-based Blue Kubricks are back with their latest single ‘Latin’.

Remember when you used to watch cartoons and two characters would get into a fight? They’d merge into that tumbling dust cloud. Fists and onomatopoeias flying everywhere. Yeah? Well… that’s kind of like the sound of Blue Kubricks.

There’s so much to unpack here, the lads have rammed it with attitude and influences from across the genres. If you’ve never heard Blue Kubricks before they’ve given you a feel for everything they’re about in three minutes.

A miasma of drums, guitars, and larger than life vocals make up the track in a swirling, dazzling, cacophony of sound.

The band’s drummer Jesse described the new tune as:

An aggressive, thrashy anthem that places me well and truly behind the drum kit as soon as the words ‘never drunk enough to drive’ pierce my ear drums.

We couldn’t agree more. From the second ‘Latin’ crashes into the atmosphere with that battle cry-esque opening lyric, you’re in. There’s nowhere else to go but forwards, into the breach.

The punk-addled percussion and screaming guitars keep the whole thing moving forward at break-neck speed. But, even with all that aggressiveness, ‘Latin’ remains amiable.

If you’re not convinced after the first listen, it’s well worth another two or three spins.

In truth, it will be easy for some to just cast it off as noise. But, after those repeat plays, you’ll hear it for what it is – a complex tune full of cut and thrust.

The choruses come through and deliver another texture to the sound with falsetto vocals backed-up by a more indie-rock soundscape. We said there was plenty to unpack.

But that’s probably enough dissection for one review.

All that’s left to say is, if you’re one of those people who cast ‘Latin’ off as just noise, you’re welcome to all the Justin Beiber and David Guetta you like. We’ll stick to this.

Listen to ‘Latin’ now 👇

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