Sour Punch – Run – Single Review

Sour Punch, the trio of cheeky chaps from Manchester, are back in 2021 with their rambunctious, rapid-fire new single ‘Run’.

Sour Punch are back with their raucous new tune ‘Run’

After a year spent in, COVID induced, gigging exile the Sour Punch lads have been busy driving home their sound and preparing for the big gig green light. When that does happen, it looks like they’ll be ready with a raft of huge new tunes.

The latest of those new releases is ‘Run’. Although following up on the successes of the 2020 single ‘Don’t Know Your Name’ will be a difficult task. But it sounds like it’s coming out swinging.

A low rumbling bassline introduces us to ‘Run’ before the lad’s punk-inspired guitars come through and punctuate the breathless pace of the percussion.

From that moment on there’s no stopping it.

The high-hat clatters throughout adding more atmospheric sound to the mix and Tom Llywarch’s vocal takes up an excellent tone to move alongside the other components.

Dripping in indie-rock attitude, there’s more to ‘Run’ than soaring sound and a relentlessly paced beat. Within that machine-gun-esque rhythm there’s moments of cinematic excellence.

The middle eight builds, over the top of tumbling drums and screeching guitars, before everything falls away and Llywarch’s vocal rockets forward and takes flight to deliver a raucous climax.

It’s a tune which feels as though it’s been crafted with Frankenstein’s monster-like specificity to ensure maximum engagement from a live audience.

When ‘Run’ finally does make its bow on the stage we just hope it’s in a sturdy building, because this tune would test the structural integrity of even the most experienced venue.  

Download or stream ‘Run’ now. 

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