Coral the Color – Maybe (I Don’t Know Yet) – Single Review

Imagine you’re walking down the street, carefree on a warm summer’s day, lockdown’s over and there’s a spring in your step. This latest tune by Coral The Color is in your ears, life is good.

Coral The Color’s latest single is ‘Maybe (I Don’t Know)’

Coral The Color are an indie-pop five-piece from Malmo, Sweden and their latest jaunty single ‘Maybe (I Don’t Know Yet)’ is the perfect pick-me-up bop-a-long we all need right now.

With the government putting the travel ban in place recently, the summer sun feels even further away. However, Coral The Color are endeavouring to deliver summer straight to your headphones with their latest track.

Having formed recently, the lockdown came too soon for the band to enjoy any real-life gigs. So, instead of moping, they’ve been hard at work crafting their sound and releasing tracks into the world.

And it seems we’ve all been lapping them up one by one, like happy little hamsters nudging away at our water bottle.

The Swedish quintet have been developing their sound in lockdown

Following the successful release of singles ‘A Pack Of Cigarettes’ and ‘I Don’t Like You’, Coral The Color have now dropped their latest track ‘Maybe (I Don’t Know Yet)’. And it’s a slice of pure unadulterated joy.

From the moment it kicks in there’s a Blossoms come Pale Waves feel to the 80s style guitars and soaring percussion. Then the lighter than air vocals come through and the whole thing is lifted to new heights.

The great thing about ‘Maybe (I Don’t Know Yet)’ is it’s bang on trend. The swirling 80s inspired sound is laser-guided for the current indie-pop landscape and so easy to get on with.

We can’t wait to hear this track billowing around an open field at one the UK’s amazing festivals or, failing that, just played loud as we take in some light refreshments this summer.

The band are working on putting together a debut EP which they’re hoping will be ready to hit the virtual shelves later in the year. In the meantime, we’re free to bask in the midsummer glow of ‘Maybe (I Don’t Know Yet)’.

Check out the video below.

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