Max And The Martians – All The Same – Album Review

If you can get through all 10 tracks on the latest Max And The Martians album without tapping your foot you owe us a pound.

Max And The Martians are back with their second album ‘All The Same’

‘All The Same’ is the second fully-fledged album from this exciting New Orleans-based outfit, fronted by songwriter Max Bien-Kahn.

Following on from their self-titled debut album way back in 2016, their ‘Curtains’ EP in 2019 and 2020’s ‘Stay At Home Demos’ Max And The Martians are back with ‘All The Same’. And they seem determined to continue developing and projecting their sound.

The melancholic-country soundscape of the previous records has been filled out with more rock ‘n’ roll vibes. Although, we noticed Bien-Kahn’s pained vocal does have a similar make-up to that of Justin Young of The Vaccines.

While tracks on ‘All The Same’ take on big issues like heartbreak, grief, and acceptance. Tunes like ‘Love On Vacation’ tackle simpler themes such as summer going by in a flash.

However, there are some delicious areas of real old school rock and roll in there with all their unctuous bluesy tones.

‘Please Remember’ is a star of those elements. An angsty track hammered home by soaring guitars overlaying the punch-drunk keys and nostalgic flare that veils the rest of the tracks on the record.

Max And The Martians have filled out their melancholic sounds with more blues and rock

In addition to ‘Please Remember’, the title track, ‘Please Hold On’ and ‘Milky Way’ are also headline moments for those bluesy tones too. These flashes of change are so clever and refreshing. Helping to break up the record making the whole thing easier to digest.

Although Bien-Kahn, along with a plethora of co-conspirators, has worked wonderfully to temper those rocky elements with smoother tracks like ‘Lust Will Linger’, ‘Death Dance’, and ‘Lay Your Body’.

These three tracks bring you full circle. Back to those melancholic tones which Max And The Martians have coined beautifully. Finished in an overtly-maligned fashion which can only be pulled off by an artist who has the unending musical stylishness of the Big Easy running through their veins.

An accomplished piece of work.

But, then, when you consider ‘All The Same’ saw collaborations with incredible New Orleans artists like: Ray Micarelli, Gina Leslie, Sabine McCalla, Camille Weatherford, Carver Baronda, plus many more there can be little doubt it was ever going to end up as anything else.

It’s another strong addition to the growing stable of records from Max And The Martians. They’re putting in the work and we hope it translates into plenty of live dates in 2021 and beyond.

Oh, feel free to PayPal us that pound 😊

Watch the video for the latest track off the album ‘Milky Way’. ‘All The Same’ is available everywhere now. 

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