Lovepet Horror – Pattern Report – Single Review

‘Pattern Report’ is the fourth single from the upcoming debut album by Lovepet Horror.

Lovepet Horror have released their fourth single ‘Pattern Report’ from their upcoming album

Brainchild of Bristolian singer-songwriter Scott Clark, Lovepet Horror have added ‘Pattern Report’ to their growing list of new singles to come from their debut album which is due to drop this year.

Following on from previous 2020 releases ‘Mistic Vistic’, ‘Where The Heart Is’, and ‘Everybody Hates a Genius’. Clark has now delivered ‘Pattern Report’ to his growing track list and a shimmer reverb pedal, plus many other elements, to his soundscape.

The new single is a hazy, swirling slice of summertime. With a vintage Beatles-esque sound, the newly added violin is afforded a starring role in the track. Those string tones push the whole thing forward delivering a real mellow mood.

Clark’s vocal punctuates the tune beautifully, providing a framework to coerce and manoeuvre the errant violin. Like a conductor in front of a shimmering orchestra.

On ‘Pattern Report’ Clark has turned his lyricism towards themes such as social media, metaphysical ideas, and introspection. All are subjects which have played huge roles in our lives in recent years, but living through lockdown has polarized those topics even further.

Along with the Beatles, Clark says the sound of Lovepet Horror is also influenced by the music of Syd Barrett and the satire of Morrissey. Those touches are certainly there for all to see on ‘Pattern Report’

This new track oozes relaxing vibes and transports you to a sun-drenched field in rural England in mid-summer. It’s so fresh and smooth, if you close your eyes you can almost feel the June-time sun warming your face.

Clever stuff from a man who seems to be constantly developing his sound. We think this album is set to be one of the most interesting drops of the year.  

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