Dust Monk – Dying To Lie – Single Review

‘Dying To Lie’ is the debut single from Warrington duo Dust Monk, and it’s nothing like what you would expect.

Dust Monk have introduced themselves with debut single ‘Dying To Lie’

Okay, we’ll level with you, when a new single submission dropped into the SUR inbox called Dying To Lie’ by a brand new band called Dust Monk, we were expecting them to smash into the indie atmosphere with a crash, bang, wallop, all guitars blazing.

But what we got is a delightfully lilting hazy tune. We were thinking fire and brimstone and we got soothing and clever.

With a 3rd – 4th album slower Kasabian-esque sound (think ‘Goodbye Kiss’ vibes), the Dust Monk team have introduced themselves to the industry in the most intriguing way. Time will tell whether we can expect more of the same from the Dust Monk menu going forwards, but we’re very happy with the starter.

‘Dying To Lie’ is a deliciously laid-back feel to it. With a swirling slow summery Sunday afternoon vibe to it. If it were a starter on a fancy menu, it would almost certainly be melon. Not there for everyone, but the ones who get it will love it.

The melodic guitars and gentle vocals allow you to take in the beauty of the track’s every component. From the warming sound of the maracas to the gentle atmospheric keys in the background, nothing is left in the shadows.

Describing that shift which takes place when a person leaves all their principles behind them in their desperation to get something.

Well, the Dust Monk guys have certainly got something here. At the very least, they have our attention.

Dying To Lie‘ is available everywhere now!

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