More in Luv – Someone Else – Single Review

Everyone stand aside, we have an exciting new addition to the Liverpool indie-music fraternity.

More In Luv are back with their latest single ‘Someone Else’

More In Luv are here with their latest single ‘Someone Else’ and it’s a pure, unadulterated, bop. 

Honestly, from the moment the shimmering indie-pop beat kicked in on ‘Someone Else’ we were sold.

If you’re a fan of indie-pop titans such as The 1975, Larkins, Pale Waves, and Fickle Friends prepare yourself for another musical love affair with the More In Luv men.

Excitement around this synth-smashing Merseyside quartet started on the back of their debut single ‘Maybe All I Wanted’. Following that positive introduction, the band wasted no time in dropping their first EP ‘Local Celebrities’ in the autumn of 2020.

Now they’re back and ready to make 2021 the biggest year in their short history.

‘Someone Else’ is a great start to crafting that legacy. Continuing with the glittery synth-laden anthemic sound which caused ears to pick up throughout 2020. More In Luv have delivered a raucous single.

The Merseyside quartet are set for big things in 2021

A gentle introduction preps you for the drop of swirling glittery synths and soaring guitars. As you progress through the track it becomes harder and harder to resist its charms. The poppy vocals sitting atop the heady mix just add to the atmospheric 80s inspired soundscape.

Before you know it, you’re standing in your kitchen stirring your tea on the hob and dancing around like a maniacal moron. Maybe that’s just us. There is just one word for a track like this… infectious.

Its an accomplished sounding single which we can’t wait to hear filling the air at a Great British music venue. Creating a song which has the ability to make you smile is a skill which many seasoned artists struggle to achieve, More In Luv have managed it on their first track of the year.

In short, ‘Someone Else’ is a little drop of summer in mid-March. The perfect bop-a-long to accompany the good feeling going into what we hope will be a summer of celebration.

If you haven’t guessed… yeah, we like it.

‘Someone Else’ is available everywhere from 19 March. We can’t wait for you to hear it!

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