Killing Kenny – 4th Of July – Single

At the age of 53 some might say the time to be a music star has passed Killing Kenny, but tell that to his latest toe-tapping tune ‘4th Of July’.

Killing Kenny have another track ‘4th Of July’ Out Now

Killing Kenny are back after the successes of their previous singles ‘These Streets’ And ‘Soul Find A Way’. The Glasgow-based outfit have now released their third single ‘4th Of July’. A Country music inspired tune with a truly intriguing sound.

After a string of songs, bands, and solo-records in the late 80s and 90s Ken Sunter may have been forgiven for thinking his chance in the industry had come and gone.

But after playing in bands inspired by Manchester juggernauts New Order and The Smiths way back when, Sunter is now back doing his own thing with Killing Kenny having never given up the song writing bug.

After a succession of strong singles, a Youtube Channel documenting his journey in music, and a collaboration with Scottish producer John McGlaughlin, who’s worked with global acts like Rod Stewart, Busted and Westlife. Sunter is daring to dream of hitting the big time again.

His latest tune ‘4th Of July’, though, takes an altogether different path to his previous works. Sunter says the country-vibes we hear on the new single have been lingering inside him for quite some time:

I have always had a fondness for Country music and all things Americana, which I think started following a trip to Texas when I was in my teens and also thanks to places like the Grand Ole Opry in Glasgow , a very famous venue for Country and Western

All we know is, we don’t hear a lot of Country-style tunes here, but we loved this. Although there is that undeniable Americana-style to ‘4th Of July’, it feels like country delivered by way of Paul Heaton.

It’s that strange juxtaposition between tried and trusted Americana styling and a Beautiful South come Housemartins tone that we find so enthralling.

‘4th Of July’ is a renegade toe-tapper, there’s no denying that, but through the bouncing guitars, delicate keys, and rhythmic percussion the lyricism is razor-sharp too.

Sunter says the track was created in true Country fashion as it describes story of a young man’s life going off the rails and finding himself on the wrong side of the law.

To be honest, if this is what the music is like on the wrong side of the law then we don’t want to be the right side of it!

Watch out for the new Killing Kenny album which drops on 26 March!

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