El Sancho – Our Part in The Darkness – Album Review

Hawaiian punk-rock outfit El Sancho have recently dropped their debut album ‘Our Part In The Darkness’. A foot-stomping F*** You to the American government at the time

El Sancho have arrived with their debut album ‘Our Part In The Darkness’

You may not think of Hawaii as a rich pasture for punk-rock bands, what has anyone got to be upset about in Hawaii, right?

But in between the cultural music and 70s rock which seem to be prevalent on the island, El Sancho found a dark corner and summoned some Trump-fuelled hatred to develop their punk sound.

With a soundscape akin to 70 & 80s rock bands like Descendants, Buzzcocks, and Crimpshrine, El Sancho have now stepped out of the areas in Hawaii not bathed in sunshine and delivered a venomous punk album.

Completed to a backdrop of the Trump administration and COVID-19. The trio have pulled no punches in their review of 2020, and the rest of the last four years for that matter.

It’s pretty easy to hear El Sancho and reach for the Buzzcocks comparison. But we thought Alan Kasameyer’s vocal made us think more along the lines of what would happen if Phil Etheridge of The Twang offered his voice to the Libertines (minus the accent of course).

We also heard more than a little Offspring influence in there and possibly some Sleaford Mods too?

As you can probably tell from all those comparisons, we’re struggling to peg these guys. But that’s no bad thing. Let’s face it a punk-rock band from Hawaii were never going to fit the parameters of something a crude as a straightforward comparison.

But once you manage that, it’s quite something to behold.

The El Sancho boys are definitely something different from Hawaii

Tracks like ‘Never Listen’, ‘Permanent Record’, and ‘Nuclear Dudes’ come at you like an angry heaving beast. Backed by bruising percussion and screaming guitars, if you listen to them before 10am they’ll wake you up better than that fancy Costa Rican blend you have in the cupboard.

Our personal favourite is ’Holding Down The Fort’. With slightly lighter tone and sporting a catchy hook, add in a couple of face-melting guitar solos and you’ve got a great track.

Then, when you think you’ve got this record pegged El Sancho come at you with something like ‘How To Kill A Zombie’ and you’re introduced to a new vibe and the dulcet tones of Tony Joyce which gives everything a whole new perspective.

In truth if you liked the new WWSM (Wilcox Wang Success Module) album, you’ll love ‘Our Part In The Darkness’ too.

As we’ve said, unfortunately, if you were looking for us to listen to the record and peg the band down, we can’t help. But, we believe something as archaic as ‘Our Part In The Darkness’ shouldn’t be reasoned with.

Like sitting passenger in a rally car… you’ve got no control of the chaos… but you kinda like it!

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