Laeeqa – Reflection – Single Review

The new single by Manchester-based R&B singer-songwriter Laeeqa ‘Reflection’ is giving us all the Arlo Parks vibes.

‘Reflection’ is the latest single from Laeeqa

‘Reflection’ is the latest single release by Laeeqa after she unveiled previous tracks ‘She Said’, ‘Remedies’, and ‘Light’ earlier in the year.

Meant as a call out to everyone who may be struggling with their mental health and self-worth to let them know they are enough, they have brought themselves this far and they can do it again. A pertinent message in a year where finding help for internal battles for many has been harder than ever.

One thing to have come out of the hideousness that has been the COVID-19 pandemic is artists like Laeeqa are now looking inwards for their song inspiration. They’re seeing their own past struggles and turning them outwards in a message of solidarity with other strugglers.  

Talking about ‘Reflection’ Laeeqa said:

I feel this single is a reinvention of myself, it’s opened up my eyes in terms of the levels I have set for every one of my songs to be from this one on

But what did we think of the tune?

Well, we loved it!

Striking the perfect balance between slow and meaningful, while offering uplifting and jovial vibes is not easy but she achieves it.

Laeeqa’s vocal is stunning as she preaches her message of self-worth and appreciation. The angsty hook “is it me” soars above atmospheric synths and stays in your head all day.

Manchester’s Laeeqa is promoting her message of self-worth through music

There’s a soul to this young singer’s voice which cannot be taught, it’s polished without being trained and marries perfectly to this kind of mournful, contemplative tune.

Arlo Parks exploded on to the wider music scene this year, but Laeeqa has already harnessed a similar vibe which is so easy to engage with. ‘Reflection’ has an enchanting quality which mesmerises and astounds in equal measure. We can’t wait to hear more from this Manchester R&B starlet.

Watch the video for a more stripped back version of ‘Reflection’. 

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