Michy Tree – Floating House – Single Review

‘Floating House’ is the latest single from talented Berkshire singer-songwriter Michy Tree.

Michy Tree’s new single ‘Floating House’ is available now

If you haven’t heard of Michy yet, then it’s our honour to bring her to your ears. ‘Floating House’ is her second single and it’s a work all of her own.

The 20-year-old from Berkshire wrote, produced, mixed and mastered her latest tune and we think it’s something of true beauty.

With nothing more than a simple jangling guitar riff and a dull drum beat Michy’s vocals are exposed. But we’re so glad she’s finished the track this way, it gifts the tune a vulnerability which suits it so well.

The percussion begins a slow build as it moves up to the hook. The overriding lyric “feels like I’m suffocating…” is driven home with increasing venom as you progress.  

Michy has managed to load ‘Floating House’ with cinematic sound, which is a skill itself when you consider the only elements you can confirm are those melodic guitars and whispering drums.

There’s a real ethereal quality to the track, almost as if you’re listening to the inner monologue of someone who’s truly struggling to come to terms with something.

That slow build continues to develop as you get towards the back end of the track and the game of hide & seek the percussion is playing finally ends.

‘Floating House’ plays a cruel game, leaving you on tenterhooks for the booming crescendo you’re hoping is around the corner.

Then when you’re about to give up, it comes through. The amazing thing about that, though, is the climax happens and, it’s not the biggest but, it’s everything you were hoping it would be. Anything larger than that would kill the maligned beauty of the song. Like overwatering a blooming flower because you want it to stay forever.

We think Michy has showcased some truly enviable talents on this track. Surely when you can combine the skills she has here, the future has to be bright?!

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