Artio – Queen Cobra – Single Review

Artio are back with their latest empowering foot-stomper of a single, the brilliantly named, ‘Queen Cobra’.

‘Queen Cobra’ is the new tune by Artio

We’re not sure whether brining a tune called ‘Queen Cobra’ out so close to International Women’s Day was by luck or design. But it’s very clever indeed.

The foundation for this latest single was laid by Artio way back in 2019 with their debut EP ‘Sedative’ garnering decent traction. Follow up releases like ‘Backbone’ and ‘Stand Alone And Do Your Dance’ honed their sound and delivered it to a growing army of fans.

This latest release comes off the back of their last barn-storming single ‘Billionaire Nightmare’, which we recently covered for Indie Midlands. The Leeds-based trio are now looking to build on that sound which has netted them fans across the country throughout the pandemic.

Hol Brazil, lead singer of Artio said of the new tune:

’Queen Cobra’ is about becoming what those b*tches say you are, but in the way, they’d spit their dummy out about. Everyone likes to call you a snake when you move on and cut toxic friends off and thrive, but snakes are actually really cool. Everyone paints snakes as these evil animals, but they’re a top predator, no one gets in the way of the snake. So I’ll just become the queen cobra

Serpent love aside, ‘Queen Cobra’ is another belter of a track from a band who are really hammering home their sound just in time for the pandemic restrictions to end.

The new single crashes into life over the top of reverberating synths. There’s an archaic scream from Brazil and you’re in, with a sense that all hell could break loose on this track at any moment.

The Leeds trio are hammering home their sound at the moment

Artio’s, fast becoming trademark, dark-pop soundscape is there again through the verses as Brazil’s confident vocal takes centre-stage.

But this time that sound means business. Louder, stronger and more rocky percussion and guitars clatter into life again as you approach the chorus.

That quieter verses and anthemic hooks combination is a tried and tested formula and it’s one we never get tired of hearing. There’s something primal which takes over as you wait for the drop on tracks like ‘Queen Cobra’. It hits like a gut punch and envelopes you in cinematic sound.

The trio have fully embraced their inner post-2015 Bring Me The Horizon on this latest single and, as BMTH-lovers ourselves, we absolutely love the quickening of pace.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, 2021 looks bright for the Artio gang. ‘Queen Cobra’ is going to be huge at a live show.

‘Queen Cobra’ is available to stream and download everywhere now. Check out the video below. 

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