The A.V. Club – Mistakes – Single Review

Warrington synth-smashers The A.V. Club have been enjoying a whirlwind time of late. Their latest single ‘Mistakes’ dropped on 5 March and we’ve taken a listen.

‘Mistakes’ is the latest tune from The A.V. Club

2020 might have sucked for most, but while we were moping, The A.V. Club were going from strength to strength.

Following on from a successful first EP release ‘Youthful Illusions’, the band found themselves with a merry gang of followers. Two more singles, Over U’ & ‘Real Love’, and a ‘One’s to watch’ title from none-other than Radio X’s, John Kennedy later and we have a serious band on our hands.

Not bad as first impressions go, right?

Well, the Warrington-based quartet are back with their latest single ‘Mistakes’ and they’re serving us more, ever-popular, fusions of nostalgic electro sounds and modern indie-pop vibes.

If you somehow missed The A.V. Club in 2020, you’ll be reminded of The 1975 and Fickle Friends when you hear their synth-heavy floaty tunes. ‘Mistakes’ continues to develop this theme in a more rounded sense.

There is a super-catchy hook to the new tune which you’re introduced to after the track builds through the layers of melodic synth. It grows and develops into something gigantic as you continue to drift forward on the waves of sound. Until you’re left with a tune that’s a joy to behold.

You get those 1975 connotations, but you also get the feeling this is a band doing their own thing, with their own sound. Rather than trying to rip-off Matty Healy’s gang, The A.V. Club have found a way to widen the margins in that particular indie-pop field.

The Warrington four-piece are getting some industry love

 ‘Mistakes’ follows the story of a person living with regret over a past relationship. Reflecting on their heartache and the resulting emotions of letting someone they loved go, for no real reason other than being young and reckless.

The great thing about The A.V. Club is they’ve wasted no time in nailing down their sound. Now with tunes like this and the support of people like Kennedy, we’re sure they’re set for more success in 2021.

Hopefully this year will see a few more live shows for the Warrington mob. We can’t wait to get along and start drowning in delicious synths.

Check out the video for ‘Mistakes’ now 

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