Dalmas – JHM – Single Review

Manchester rockers Dalmas are one of the city’s break through talents, now they’re moving forward with their latest single ‘JHM’.

Manchester-based trio Dalmas have another thumping tune to bop to

Following a host of successful single releases through 2020 and rave reviews from the likes of 6 Music’s Chris Hawkins. The Manchester trio are back at it with a booming tune in ‘JHM’.

Fair warning before you give ‘JHM’ a spin yourself, it’s best enjoyed really loud – so apologise to the neighbours and get it cranked up.

A thumping track with a heart of rock, ‘JHM’ starts with George Farrar’s Conor Mason-esque solo vocal layered over the top of funky, melodic guitars. Then Farrar hits the skins and the blue touch paper is lit.

It’s not often you get a singing drummer, but Farrar shepherds the track beautifully from the kit. The band say they took influences from the likes of Biffy Clyro and Foo Fighters when creating the tune and it shows.

There’s a sumptuous power to the track. From the moment the drums hit and marry up with those funky riffs ‘JHM’ has your soul.

Building into the middle eight with that infectious rhythm punctuated by every twang of anthemic guitar. By this point you’re helpless, your head’s nodding and you can’t stop your feet or hands from tapping.

Screaming guitars and thumping percussion, along with Farrar’s controlled vocal, merge to create cinematic sound before the whole thing fades away. It simply implores to hit replay and you’re off on the journey again.

Farrar said of their latest work:

JHM was one of those songs that came together in about an hour, we find often the best songs come that way. It’s one of those songs where you can really feel the passion and you just have to go all out with a song like this, it’s got to hit people right in the gut

The band have confirmed ‘JHM’ was written with the intent of making a festival crowd go crazy. And you definitely get that feeling. The thought of hearing this banging out across a heaving field is just too much to bear at the moment.

But hopefully we won’t have too much longer to wait to hear these guys ripping it up in real life.

Dalmas are working through uber-trendy Manchester label Northern Quarter Records. With a host of shows, a couple of EP’s, the first of which ‘Now I Can Sleep’ coming soon, and the prospect of recording some stuff in LA with producer Jon Smith lined up in 2021. It looks like the band are set for a year of years following the colourless times of the pandemic.

👇 Check out the video for ‘JHM’ here 👇

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